How Does DermaScar Work


Wound healing and scar formation is a complex process and the regular use of DermaScar can change this process to visibly improve the long-term appearance of scars.

Phase 1

Apply DermaScar over the scar twice daily.

Phase 2

DermaScar is an advanced topical silicone gel that dries quickly to form a clear, flexible, water-resistant barrier or film over the scar. This silicone barrier acts to raise the temperature of the skin underneath it, to reduce water loss and improve the hydration of the scar tissue and surrounding skin.

Phase 3

These 3 localised actions combine to return the skin's barrier function to a normal state and production of more collagen - the bodies normal healing response (and the building block of scar tissue) - can reduce for that closed and healed scar. 

By "turning off" the excessive production of collagen, the raised scar will start to flatten become paler and more flexible.