Australian Made & Owned


Medical Grade Silicone


Smooth & Easy to Apply


Lasts Up to 12 Hours

What is DermaScar®?

Advanced topical silicone gel that improves the long-term appearance of scars and helps to relieve the itching, pain and discomfort associated with them. ¹

DermaScar effectively prevents and treats new and old raised scars, such as hypertrophic and keloid scars, and has also been successfully used to treat scars caused by trauma, burns and surgery. ¹

As DermaScar is a gel, it can be easily applied to most parts of the body including the face and over joints (knees and elbows). DermaScar forms a moisture resistant but breathable barrier, just like a “second skin”, it does not cause unsightly maceration – where the skin becomes pale, moist, wrinkled and soggy, as can occur after using an adhesive bandage over a minor cut. ¹³

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"Best on the market. I bought this product a few weeks ago and I’ve already seen results. I’ve never had a scar product work so quickly. First impressions were that the product seemed small but a little goes a long way. I put it on every morning and night and the difference was noticeable after a few days. It’s also perfect to wear under makeup as it’s clear and tacky so it doesn’t move around when applying product over the top. Highly recommended, it also is on special frequently."


"Makes scars less visible. I bought this a month ago and I’ve noticed the scar from my thyroid surgery gradually getting erased."


"Amazing result. I had a large keloid scar after lung surgery that completely flattened within 20 days of using this product. Would highly recommend."


"Took the redness and puffiness out of my scar. This product really helped reduce the redness and puffiness of a scar I had on my neck due to surgery. I used it for about 4 weeks and you cannot see the scar at all now."


"Very good. I have a few rather deep scars from a previous condition and this is working very steadily to erase the scars. They are scares on my chin that have been there for a long time so I will keep using this product but I have already noticed improvement over the four weeks I have been using it."


"More noticeable results than other brands. I've used two other brands of silicone scar reduction gel and haven't seen as good results as with DermaScar. It does dry shiny so that can be annoying for scars that aren't hidden under clothes but I've found dabbing a bit of powder makeup over it once dry helps dull it out."



Our Results Speak For Themselves

Wondering whether DermaScar works? Our results speak for themselves. The results in the pictures have been achieved over the course of 8-12 weeks, so it takes a little time but it is worth the effort! 

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